Here’s another angle on Black Pearl. The eclectic side which indulges creative fancy and artistic whimsy. It’s the juice that runs through our veins and sometime spills out in unexpected ways – in short films, music, stills, sculpture, podcasts and broadcasts, creative writing and more. Scroll on down and click away.


Amid the bustle of Mexico City a lonely widower encounters a kind Bolero (shoe-shiner) whose unique powers are able to restore more than worn leather. This short film, produced by Black Pearl, was chosen for numerous festivals across the country, garnered nearly a dozen awards and was picked for the prestigious HBO Latino Festival.


When you work at home any distraction is fair game, so an automated phone call from the local police chief announcing a manhunt in progress in your neighborhood deserves special attention. The fact our neighborhood exists of two houses on a dead-end street in a bucolic Boston suburb means any police presence is worthy of a stroll outside to see what all the fuss is about, which is exactly what I did when I saw the collection of state and local patrol cars parked askew, doors flung open, radios cackling, and engines running.


There are signs, and there are signs. Here in the outer ‘burbs, where the corner market is ten-minute car ride away, you learn to read the rhythm of nature whether you care to or not. Each season has its markers, but the greatest onslaught happens with the Spring and the often sudden transition in the landscape from gray to green.


One summer afternoon we had, assuming the typical law of averages, one of those once-in-a-generation climatic events – an invasion of weather typically suited to the Plains states – rows of tornadoes. They first blew into Springfield, then swooped east across the Connecticut river valley and into Massachusetts through Sturbridge, Worcester (which last saw weather like this in the mid 1950’s), then hooked south towards Milford and Bellingham before finally petering out as it dashed towards Walpole and Braintree.

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